About Human Enterprises

Bea Burton

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I began Human Enterprises as a PhD candidate studying history. As a student I was required to read extensively and think critically about what I read. (It was throughout my program and research that I developed a deep appreciation for a well-written index!) I started Human Enterprises with smaller projects, such as writing an encyclopedia article or conducting research for a digital history database. As I took on larger and more extensive assignments, I became more engaged and energized by these projects, and I realized my true passion was to become a full-time freelancer in the world of publishing.

I officially changed careers in 2011 and continue to enjoy working with each client I’ve had the pleasure to assist. I offer services from the beginning phases through the final stages of publishing. I have worked with academic presses on manuscripts, with graduate students on formatting, and as researcher and writer on projects such as digital history databases and court cases relying on historians’ expert opinion. Please see the Services page on my website or email me at Beatrice(at)HumanEnterprises.net so we can discuss how I can help with your project.


 A note on the name Human Enterprises: My paternal grandmother’s maiden name was Human. I named my company to honor my grandmother, with whom I was very close, but the name has larger implications. I see the work I do as a researcher, writer, editor, and indexer in the Humanities as helping people connect intellectually. This is something my grandmother would have encouraged.

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American Society for Indexing